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After 14 years of marriage, I suddenly became a single mom in a single income home. No matter how hard I tried to find suitable employment that allowed me a little flexibility and a liveable income, I came up short. I became perpetually broke and with a constant need for extra income. 

Finding legitimate work from home jobs that South African was tough. Sifting through the scams became a full-time job. Let’s just say many many hours were wasted.  Its the reason this blog exists today. Here I post proven work from home jobs for South African moms so you can rest assured that it works. 

Whether you’re just needing to get out of a real money jam or seriously looking to make a big change in your personal life, I am on a mission to provide legitimate work from home opportunities that pay well and offer real flexibility.

My personal goal is to achieve complete financial freedom through multiple income streams, saving, and investing and share what I am learning along the way. Through my free content or anything else I might offer — I am in this to make a difference.

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Looking for legitimate tried and tested non-scammy work from home job? At-home-Jobs or side hustles that are genuinely flexible?

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Monthly bills can be soul-crushing and cause extreme stress. Are you looking for novel ways to drastically slash your monthly expenses?

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Are you wanting to start for-profit blogging business and dont know how and where to start? I can help you get started for less than R100.

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Feeling stretched thin? Looking for an organized and tech-savvy virtual assistant to help you check things off your to-do list?

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Need a hard-to-resist cv or attention-grabbing motivational letter? Increase your chance of landing interviews and job offers.

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