If you are new here, Niche to meet you. Cheesy puns aside, If you love the idea of making a full-time income blogging choosing a niche is really important.

If you think you need tons of traffic to make money blogging, you would be wrong. Keep reading if you want to find out how you could earn money almost immediatley if you choose the right niche.

Your Niche is a foundation of starting a profitable blog.

Blog Niches That earn The Most Money for beginners (2021)

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What the heck is a Niche anyway?

A blog niche is a topic your blog is focused around. The more specific the topic the better. 

A very specific niche is sometimes called a micro-niche, 

Example: You get technology blogs, Then you can have mobile phone blogs. A micro-niche might be focusing on Samsung phones. This works really well if you are trying to sell Samsung phones or have an affiliate with them. 

I briefly mentioned this in my how to start a blog series but I think this is something that you need to really grasp if you want long term success as a blogger.  

Now that blogging has become so popular. It is very important to have a narrow niche. In the good old days of getting massive traffic from Pinterest, everyone went with a lifestyle blog that covered food, travel, fashion, decor. 

Now that everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie that strategy is very hard to make money from. 

What Niche Should You Choose?

As an inexperienced blogger, I started with a parenting blog hence the name but it was all over the place. I really wanted to appeal to every woman, looking for anything and everything. It’s the reason I want to help you zero in on a topic right at the start. 

It’s incredibly hard creating a loyal audience this way. If you write about high-end makeup and then tomorrow about how to crochet, your readers will be hit and miss. Your readers aren’t guaranteed to be interested in every topic you are interested in.

When you have a niche, your core reader will come back each time. Example if you are writing a blog teaching how to crochet your readers will come back every post because they want crochet tips.  

The reason that a very scattered approach works for some is that THEIR life is the main topic.

In if this appeals to you, you need to be prepared for anything. There is a reason that “why we broke up” trends on YouTube from time to time. People are highly invested in your life and you need to be unapologetic and have incredibly thick skin. 

If you stick to one topic, your audience will be interested in all of your other content, as well.

To choose a niche, start with working out who you are writing for. Imagine the person reading. Is it a man or woman, how much does she earn, how old is she, where does she live, what does she do for a living?

If you are interested, I did a post with a printable that could help you plan your blog launch better. 

Then your content can speak directly to that person. 

Are you thinking of doing a parenting blog? You can only imagine the parenting blogs you are going to compete with? A lot. Most that have been in the game a lot longer than you. 

Think of a list of challenges moms have and then stick to one. Examples are Post-Partum, Nap Time Blog, Baby Feeding Blog, Routine Blogs, Moms self-care etc.  

There are blogs about sleep training that have turned into 6 figure blogs now. 

Another example is that a fashion blogger can be strictly about shoes. You have styles, care, etc. The list of topics could actually be extensive. 

If you are wanting to do sponsored posts. A shoemaker would definitely be silly not to look at a blog that is solely for shoes. I mean every single reader on there has an interest in shoes. 

Once you have mastered one niche you can always expand and add another. 

I would suggest really think about how passionate you are about the topic. Will you still like writing about shoes after 100 posts. It’s really easy to think about writing for the season you are in now. I made the same mistake too. I wrote about adoption but it was such a personal topic I started feeling queasy about making money on my daughter’s story. I have heard the same from other parenting vloggers/bloggers. It becomes a balancing act when you are exposing your children for money and even more so when there are deeply personal, sensitive topics. 

I wrote about banting when I was in that season but when I stopped banting it was hard to pivot to another topic. 

We all know a few bloggers (including me) that start off strong. Weekly posts become monthly posts and then yearly posts. Eventually tumbleweed will be blowing through that blog. 

Topics can become uninspiring after a while. Harder still, if you do not have a strong audience relationship and amazing traffic. 

You find yourself updating your audience with a promise to “post more often.” How do I know? Because I have lived it. If you are an avid blog reader, I am sure you have seen this pattern play out a few times. 

It’s a lot easier to be passionate about a topic once you start to see some success. You can always hire other writers or accept guest posts if your internal engine runs out of steam. But start with something you are passionate about. 

Consistently blogging about a topic is hard work. Know that upfront and you will make it easier on yourself. 

Once you have brainstormed the blog topics you will need to figure how you will make money with your niche. 

How will you make money on your blog?

Pro Tip: People are always looking for ways to get better or improve their lives. If your niche can do that for people it’s much easier than just relying on traffic.

It will take a long time to build up the kind of traffic you need to make money if you are relying solely on ads. Rather choose a niche that you can develop a product for then you do not have to rely on traffic.

Example. If you sell a good Ebook for R199 you would only need 50 people a month to buy the book to make 10 000 a month. You do not need crazy traffic to achieve that. That would take you a minimum of 12 months of consistent blogging on ad revenue only. Could be longer.

If you are struggling to decide between niches, write down how you plan to make money for each one.

Research blogs in those niches. You could also use Google Trends tool for research. Once you have a rough idea you can do keyword research on KeyWord Finder.

Tip: Also check out how other blogs in your niche make money to get an idea. Always remember that you should choose local blogs if your topic is local.

You can read how I plan to make 21 000 for all the ways I plan to use.

The secret sauce is to understand that 3 things drive us all: wealth, health and love.

If you figure out how you can apply this to your topic of choice, you will start off really strong.

Woman working at her desk

The top making-money blog niche in 2021

There can never be an exact right or wrong answer. I suggest going as narrow as you can and then broaden as you grow. 

If you want a basis to start with here is a list of the top genres in no particular order. 

  • Business
  • DIY
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Parenting
  • Pet

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you or that you found it helpful. If you have any specific questions please comment below and I will assist you as best I can.

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