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At Home jobs that pay south africans well.

I handle stress well. This is the number one factor in why I can take risks that most of my friends are afraid of. Most people can’t even detect when I am under major stress. However, the financial stress I experienced when I became suddenly unemployed with no nest egg was agonizing. I was furiously googling how to make money online like a lunatic. I was positively manic. When you are a single mother, you require stability and I had none of it.

No mental gymnastics would help me make ends meet. I joined a network marketing out of sheer desperation but learned that it was not as flexible as I was led to believe. Not if I intended to make a real income.

I digress. Becoming financially stable with a substantial nest egg has become my priority now. Ofcourse having the assurance of getting a salary each month and not having financial stress would be awesome. However, with almost 30% unemployment rates in South Africa, high-paying jobs are like gold dust. Full-time corporate jobs not always feasible. Especially if the salary is low.

Even if you do happen to have a good-paying job, take it from me, with the current job market climate, it would be smart to have a second stream of income. Even three if you are able. That is where real financial stability lies. No matter what happens with one income stream you will not be in a dire situation.

If you are a single mom. This is paramount.
If you are a happily married woman, Take it from me. Things can change in a minute. Besides, having an extra income can drastically change your family’s quality of life.

Can you imagine if your side hustle brings in an extra R10 000 a month? Game changer!

There are tons of work from home jobs that already exist. Now more than ever, people are moving to virtual working. This trend is expected to continue well into the future. Now you do not have to wait to get hired by a company. If you are not interested in multi-level marketing (MLM) gigs, this list is for you.

And, yes, any of these can turn into a full-time income for you.

My hope is that this list will spark your interest, and they may even inspire you to learn how to earn money from home.

All these options are legitimate jobs, career paths, or business ideas. You won’t find any work from home job scams on this site. As always, they will require your time and effort – as all careers do.

10 Work-from-home jobs that pay really well.

Disclosure: All posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I get a commision for reccommended products at no cost to you. I am adamant that I will only write well researched content not influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. Keep in mind that I will only ever link companies and products based on quality and my personal experience.The decision will always remain yours on whether you buy anything.  

1 | Sell on Takealot

eCommerce is booming in South Africa with a whopping 20-35% growth rate, giving purely brick-and-mortar stores a run for their money.

Takealot is South Africa’s largest online retailer. Why not get 

access to their over 1.5 million happy customers. 

If you have a product or can source a product, selling on Takealots Marketplace is a great way to make money from home. Takealot encourages you to send your items to their fulfilment centre so that, once a customer places an order, they can ship the product(s) without delay. Or you can choose to do that yourself. 

All you need to do is All you have to do is to log on to the Takealot’s seller portal and fill in your information. 

I would also suggest watching this video on some tips on selling on Takealot. 

Earn more. Save More. Live More

2 | Blogging

Blogging is a popular side hustle because the costs to start one is really affordable and relatively easy. Blogging is also the most flexible job you can have and the earning potential is limitless. When I read how much bloggers were making I instantly thought, well why can’t I do that? And now I am!

In my first year, I was making up to R12 000 a month and I was a complete novice. I will admit that did take a considerable amount of work however it is so rewarding. It’s also a great passive income. Once you get a decent number of people reading your blogs it can bring an incredible income. I can assure you an article I write today could still earn me ad money or affiliate link money years into the future. That’s awesome for writing something once, right?!

You DO NOT need to be an excellent writer to become a blogger, you just write as you talk. Your readers are not looking for perfection but rather an authentic voice that they relate to. If this is your choice do not expect your blog to make money right off the bat. So consider this as a side hustle until you are ready to go full time. 

If you want to start a blog, I’ve detailed all the steps to start a blog from scratch in my 5 days blogging series. Start a Lucrative Blog in 5 Days. I also mention the most popular niches that make the most money and get the most traffic.

Blogging may even lead to your dream job. I know of 3 people who started out blogging and then ended up working for large marketing agencies doing content marketing, social media marketing and one is a professional ghostwriter for two blue-chip companies. 

3 | Create a Drop Shipping Online store

Dropshipping is where you would set up an online store and market the products and accept the order without actually having any stock of the products. You would then pass on the order to the supplier who then ships the goods directly to the customer.  

You can see why so many people are excited about this, right? No stock investment, no warehousing, no delivery logistics to worry about. 

Some people use this as a stepping stone to start an online business and then start adding products of their own. 

When I started this article I knew that people are making tons of money in America but our market is completely different so what works for them may not work for us. I did some research and Dropshipping does work in South Africa. 

As South Africa is the gateway to the rest of Africa this opens a huge marketplace for dropshippers who start a business in South Africa. Fewer dropshipping competitors exist in Africa, and the cost of advertising and marketing to customers is still relatively low, making it a low cost, high return market.

Although drop shipping business is a low-risk endeavor just like any other business (both off and online) it requires work to make it successful. 

How do you start? I would suggest doing some research and educating yourself before even building your online store. Research products that you would like to sell in your dropshipping store and find suppliers that are able to ship to your customers. 

Once you’ve researched the niche that will dictate what products will be best to sell in your drop shipping business.

Once you decided on what products you want to sell you will need to find suppliers who can ship those products to your customers on your behalf.

I would suggest a course that will teach you 

  • How to negotiate with suppliers, 
  • How to keep drop shipping costs down 
  • How to manage customer delivery expectations

I suggest this step by step blueprint Udemy course. It costs less than R200 with a money-back guarantee and has excellent reviews

If this is something you are interested in there is no better time to start. 

4 | Become a Virtual Assitant

More and more entrepreneurs are setting up businesses from home, the demand for people who can provide administrative support virtually has grown as well. Freelance Virtual Assistants get paid to do any task that they do not have to do, Freeing them up for strategic thinking. 

Tasks may include social media management, Respond to emails and phone calls. Schedule meetings, data capturing, Book travel and accommodations, research and so much more. 

Starting your own virtual assistant business is easy, but starting a successful virtual assistant business requires a bit more. 

How much can you make? I charge my clients R250 per hour currently but it can go up depending on how specialized you are. 

If this is the path that you want to pursue, I am a big fan of learning first.  If you do not invest in your business it will cost you in the end. If I had taken a few basic courses I would have saved myself MONTHS with trial and error, scrambling for free information on the internet. Months that I could have been earning. 

I recommend this top-rated course that cuts through all the useless information floating online and learn all the basics to get your first clients within 30 days. 

5 | Teach English Online

If you have a bachelor’s degree in any field and looking for a way to make money (while your kid’s sleep) then VIPKID is perfect for you. They have been voted the top 10 places to work by Glassdoor, which is a feat. Glassdoor votes are from people who have actually worked there.

VIPKID has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, and more.

VIPKID allows you to work from home, create your own schedule, and earn up to $26 per hour (on average, you can expect to earn about R12 000 per month) teaching English online.

They are currently in high need of teachers, too! As of December 2020, They have started employing teachers from South Africa. Ah-mazing! Lesson plans, course materials, etc. are all provided by VIPKID.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience (tutoring, mentoring, children’s church, etc. are acceptable), then you should definitely consider applying to teach through VIPKID here.

If you do not have a degree, do not despair. All you need is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course from Let’sTEFL. That way, you are eligible to teach at a host of other companies.

6 | Become an Author

I have a confession to make. I have always wanted to be an author. I was a bookworm growing up and lived with my head in books, much to my mother’s annoyance. I just didn’t know where to start. 

Recently I came across a travel blogger that wrote a book, self-published, and sold 13 000 copies of her book. Now she makes a passive income of $200 a day from her book. That really piqued my interest. 

I recently bought this course on how to self publish and market my book on Amazon. I will do a review once I have completed the course. If you ever wanted to write a book, then this is something you should consider. 

In fact, becoming an online writer, in general, can be a pretty lucrative gig. A friend of mine who has a pretty popular blog writes for a number of publications. I would suggest starting a blog to have some samples of writing and display your writing prowess.

7 | Virtual Bookkeeper (No experience required)

Almost every business — large and small — benefits from the services of a bookkeeper. Work remotely with this highly in-demand business.

Unlike accountants, bookkeepers do not need formal education. Of course, you can choose to get certified because you can then charge a higher rate. However, that is not a requirement. 

Bookkeepers record financial transactions for small business owners, and it can be done either as a freelancer or by working for a company remotely.

I would suggest taking one of the two free options first. If you are committed to being a bookkeeper, you can choose to get certified and register your business. 

How do I get started? I found two free courses that can get the ball rolling and get you on the right track.

Both these free courses will give you a solid foundation to start your business.

Bonus: If you are looking for a meatier course, I would suggest How to start a Bookkeeping Business on Udemy for less than R200. 

8 | Get into Real estate

One of the moms I spoke to recently told me how absolutely miserable she was dropping her baby off at daycare every day. She needed to work and felt trapped. It was heartbreaking to watch.

It’s one of the reasons that I passionately want to share legitimate remote work options. I had mentioned that becoming a Rental Agent from home was a possibility. She was flabbergasted, thinking you had to work under a big name agency. Yes, it helps to be under the umbrella of a company that already has a property portfolio, but you can absolutely do this on your own too!

Unlike sales, the rental business and property management can be a good steady stream of income in South Africa. One can understand the lure of the rental market as, unlike sales, it can produce a regular income.

You would need to develop your skills as a rental agent and take an NQF Level 4 & 5 Real Estate course.

Take a look at the courses available at PropAcademy.

9 | Become a Virtual Travel Advisor

In today’s world of the internet and Airbnb, travel agents may seem redundant but travel advisors today are alive and well.

Experienced advisors help travellers save money, time, and all kinds of travel-related hiccups. Surprisingly even Millenials seem to still use agents. The beauty of starting a travel agency is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

With a basic home office and website, you can get started with a host agency right away. It’s advisable to start with a host agency as they already have the background and have access.

When starting it could help to have a focus eg. destination wedding, cruises, luxury travel, etc.

Working in particular markets, like weddings or corporate travel can also make a big difference regarding salary.

Aside from being a great home-based business opportunity, becoming a travel agent offers some amazing perks. If you enjoy travel, you might love the possibility to take a familiarisation trip. Cruise lines, hotels, and tour guides know that the best way for you to sell their services is to become familiar with them yourself, so they may offer massive discounts.

Travel expenses that you could end up deduct as a business expense

You can even pair this with a Travel blog! With the current global situation, I would take the time to educate yourself so that when the travel industry booms you are ready for it. You can read more here.

10 | Virtual Transcriptionist.

Transcribers listen to audio files turning them into written documents. This is perfect for introverts that have the patience to sit for long periods.

You can get paid to transcribe podcasts, YouTube videos, or any kind of audio recording. There are also specialist transcribers ie medical and legal.

This is a completely flexible remote work and can be done around your own schedule. Companies like QuicktateScribie, and Rev all hire beginner transcriptionists. 

I would highly recommend taking this FREE mini transcription course and then take it from there. 

Bonus: Make Printables

Digital printables sell. People will pay for something that will save them time or money. Selling Printables on Etsy or on your own website can be an incredible passive income. You just have to work on it once and you can earn money on it forever. That sounds like a good deal to me! 

If you do not know where to start then I would suggest thinking about what you would like to sell and also the skills you have. 

I have found these courses that you can take that are all under R200. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! I hope this list inspired you. No matter what you choose, choose something that will fit into your lifestyle and that you are willing to put the hours into.

Try out a few of them and do your own research. I am just here to offer up options for you.

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