Ways mums can make R21 000 a month blogging in 2021 (Very doable)

Yep, you read that right. If you want to make a full-time income blogging, you’ll need a full breakdown on all the ways that you could make that money first so that you choose the correct path. 

Since I am relaunching my blogging and starting from absolute scratch I am My income and traffic starts at zero just like yours. Granted I do have the technical experience behind me so there is a learning curve that you will have to face that I do not. Also because I earned 12k before as an inexperienced blogger I know the possibilities. 

That is the biggest reason that I have decided to do a blog series on my website. To save you from the costly mistakes I made the first round. 

If you don’t have a blog yet and are thinking of starting one you may want to start with my 5-day step by step guide on starting a blog.

Believe in yourself and set goals. 

You will need to believe that it’s possible first and then take the steps to make it happen. Now set a yearly goal and then break it down in sizable chunks. That way if I can see if I am on track or not and research more on how I can grow if I am falling behind. 

Make that goal your priority every month. You will really surprise yourself!

My personal goal is R20000 a month by the end of the year. So I have it broken down month by month until the end of the year for my goal. This is a lofty goal but I am willing to do the work and prove to myself and you just how incredible blogging can be. 

I have broken my goal into months. The first 2 months my goal is to increase by R500 because I need to work on increasing my blog traffic and marketing myself. March-May. I will double that target increase by R1000 each month. The next three months (June- Aug I will increase this by R2000 every month. The last four months I will increase my goal by R3000 a month taking it to 21 000.

If you are starting a brand new blog for the first time I would suggest that you focus on one stream of income and then learn that stream well and then move onto another. 

I will be using multiple streams at once and I will publish a detailed monthly income email to my subscribers. If this is something that you are interested in then please subscribe.

Ways that YOU can make money on your blog.

Dream big and believe in yourself. 

Disclosure: All posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I get a commision for reccommended products at no cost to you. I am adamant that I will only write well researched content not influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. The decision will always remain yours on whether you buy anything.  


Advertising is probably the most common way in which bloggers start off making money from their blogs. This strategy is more successful the more viewers and traffic that you get to your site.

I recently worked out that I will need approximately read this article about how much traffic you will need to earn R3000 a month with google ad sense was to have approximately 550 readers per day. 

This will be one of my main focuses because it’s practically a passive income. A blog post that I write today can still earn me money in a year’s time. 

Another option for you is the ability to sell direct space on your site. You can approach brands and companies you think would love to speak to your traffic and sell the space to them at your preferred price.

If you are a parenting blogger then you could approach Huggies as I did in the past. Or whatever would work for your reader.

If like me this will be your number 1 way to earn money from your blogging then you will need to learn everything you can about ad placement and what works best on your blog. 

If this is your strategy. It goes without saying, the more traffic you get, the more you’re going to earn. 

Start with learning how to write with SEO in mind. I wish I had known that upfront before. I would highly suggest using whatever social media platform is best for your niche. I will personally be using Facebook Groups, Pinterest and Instagram. I will eventually move over to Youtube but I will need to cultivate the others first. 

A quick way to get started is creating an account with Google AdSense.

Mom working from home with her baby

Use affiliate marketing on your blog.

As a blogger, you will always be suggesting something or other to your readers and some of them may buy that product. 

If you link the product to a specific seller then that seller will send you a commission like a little “thank you” for sending to them instead of their competitor. 

Say you are a Health and Fitness blogger and you regularly suggest products. You can send them over to The Health Nut or Faithful to nature and earn a small commission on every sale. Or if you are a blog about books you can send them over to Loot. 

The key is to be authentic and genuine with affiliate marketing. Write reviews and articles with your honest opinions and only suggest products that would be of interest to your audience and they will find useful.

Eg. I suggest VEHOST to beginner bloggers because I host with them, they are affordable and also fast and extremely helpful. Which is important when you have very little experience and may need help. Plus they are South African. 

There are a growing number of affiliate programs in South Africa and so it’s a great time to get in and learn about affiliate marketing. 

Add banner adverts to your website

Go and set up Personal information under “users” 

This will set up how you want your information to appear publicly.   How you would like it to be viewed. This is also where you can add your email address. 

The folks at VEHost were super helpful in helping me set up my new email adress and showed me how to do it in the future, SUPER SIMPLE I assure you. 

I would also suggest that you integrate this with your Gmail account to make your life a little easier. 

If you look in your backened there will be some standard WorsPress dummy posts, pages and delete them all. that may be standard with WordPress and you are ready to go. 

 Next Read: Must Have  Free WordPress Plugins to install (Plus I show you how to do it) 

Newsletter advertising.

If you have a newsletter that you email your reader weekly or monthly you can sell banner space on your newsletter or even do a native advert inside your email. This is not as popular as it once was because the conversion rate is very low but if you have a very large mailing list it could still be lucrative. 

The third option is to write sponsored content in an email. The rule is still the same as with any sponsored content. 

Write advertorials and sponsored content

When I started blogging this seemed to be the goal for most bloggers. You get free stuff and you get paid to post about it. Basically writing an advertorial. 

This is where having a strong niche really pays off. 

As an example, if you are a plus-size blogger and puma launches a new plus size range, they might offer to pay you to write an article about their range. You may also be able to add some affiliate links in the article over and above that. 

If you are really savvy you can think up campaign ideas and pitch them to the brands. 

Brands can pay a pretty penny to get access to your audience. 

If this is your strategy. You will need to get onto PR lists because that is the way that brands will get to know about you and you get inside information on product launches which is great for content.  

If you would like to know how to get noticed by brands I write a post about how I got on the PR lists with very little following. 

I used to get free stuff sent to me all the time. I even got a R20 000 Stokke pram, A kitchen Aid Mixer and an 11 000 bed. After I had built my following of course.  

Occasionally, members of the press (or even brands who have a blog of their own) will reach out to you if you’re an authority on a certain topic, asking you to make a little cameo appearance on their website.

If you’re particularly knowledgeable on cooking on a budget, for example, a newspaper might get in touch and ask you to contribute some budget-friendly recipes to their cooking magazine. This is exactly what essence magazine did with me and I wrote an article on how to feed 4 people on a daily budget of R100.

With that being said this is my least favourite way to make money.

This can be a slippery slope. If you are known as shill aka stooge by your readers. You lose credibility FAST. Readers are not stupid and if your content is always selling them something and never giving or teaching them something, they can see right through that. 

Have a Media Kit. Even if you have 1000 readers a month. It is way more professional and companies will take you more seriously. 

Please DO NOT write reviews for free products or freebies. It hurts the whole industry. Advertisers and PR companies know they can get away with paying ridiculously low rates or getting press coverage by handing out samples because newer bloggers do this and it will shoot you in the foot. 

Rather be patient and work on staying away from it altogether and build your traffic. I would rather write one good relevant article for R5000 every month then write 10 posts for R500 and annoy my readers in the long run. 

I have seen bloggers that ONLY write stuff that they get paid for which means you are basically a low budget magazine. Even if you are writing honestly your audience can never be sure if you are permanently raving about every product on your blog. 

Your audience trust is where your money actually lies. Never forget that. I did make that mistake very early on. 

Unless the company really lines up with what you’re doing and where you are going AND your readers’ interests don’t bother doing it. 

A food rule of thumb is to do less than 30% sponsored posts on your blog. My goal is 10% or less.

Sell digital products on your blog

Another way to make a passive income is to sell digital products. Trust me there is something that you can sell digitally.

When I decided to create the first digital product I decided on a meal plan and made almost R1000 in one day. That’s when I knew digital products are like gold.

All you need to do is figure out what product you will make and who it is targeting. Mine will always be products that make financially struggling mums lives easier.

Eg. I sell R50 budget meal plans. Where meals can cost less than R10 per person. Now the idea is not original. I got the idea from an American blogger that sells 5 dollar meal plans You can learn more about that service here.

What’s even more shocking. I have NEVER invested in any complicated design tools other than Canva. I have never used Photoshop in my existence.

Canva has changed the design game completely. They have gorgeous templates that can be easily customized to create pretty and professional downloadable products.

You could even design for other people who have ideas but don’t have the time or aren’t savvy enough to create something on their own from scratch. Or you can pay someone you know to design on Canva for you.

So, when you know what your reader needs to make their lives’ easier, you can create something that will help them. When it comes to creating digital products, I recommend creating a collection of products to launch your online shop. I suggest 5-10 products (or more) is a good place to start.

You can totally get away with the free option but if this is going to be a huge source of your income then its worth investing in the premium option.
I started my shop with the FREE 30 day trial but I am planning on reinvesting all my income in the first 6 months in order to really gain traction and Canva is one of those.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to start your journey off right. That would include your mindset be prepared to watch a number of videos on the route you decide. There are plenty of free resources and I will try my best to share the best ones that I can find. Also, be prepared to reinvest some of the money that you are making to level-up!

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions please comment below. I am happy yo help where I can.

If you find my posts helpful I would appreciate love if you would share it as it helps this shell shocked mummy keep the lights on too!

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