WordPress settings you would be foolish not to change (if you want to make money blogging.)

If you are reading this I am going to assume that you have read my first step by step post on starting a profitable  blog from scratch. 

You have decided on what your overarching blog topic will be, you have figured out who your target audience is,  you have chosen your domain name and purchased a hosting package. 

We also covered choosing a template.  Now you must be gagging to get started with writing. 

However you would before you do that you will need to configure your WordPress website 

Once you have changed a  few settings you will be able to upload your theme and get the ball rolling building your blogging biz. 

First Log into your WordPress Dashboard and get started. 

But if you’re looking to learn more about WordPress I would suggest looking into WP101. It is an incredible 2 hour video series that helps beginners understand the basics. It’s such a great way to get your foundation solid. Totally worth at least the one month subscription. 

Another site is WPBeginner The information range is for a novice as well as someone who wants all the technical information. 

Let's Configure your WordPress Blog

Disclosure: All posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I get a commision for reccommended products at no cost to you. I am adamant that I will only write well researched content not influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. The decision will always remain yours on whether you buy anything.  

General Settings

Start with your general settings.  You can change all the information that’s for your blog but the ones that you should change are the timezone and language.

If your blog is not set to the correct time posts may appear with incorrect dates and times affect how Google displays your posts and we don’t need such a simple setting to hamper how we communicate with your audience.

If the posts on your blog are not dependant on time eg. a How to knit post will be relevant no matter when you find it.However readers may think your post is outdated just because it was written a year ago and chose another post written more recently than yours.

I highly suiggest that you remove the date from this section. 

In this section, you will see the Date Format section.

  1. Choose the Custom format on the date format section.
  2. Erase whatever, you will see there.
  3. Click on Save Changes to remove the date.
WordPress Admin backend with an arrow pointing to general

User Information

Go and set up Personal information under “users” 

This will set up how you want your information to appear publicly.   How you would like it to be viewed. This is also where you can add your email address. 

The folks at VEHost were super helpful in helping me set up my new email adress and showed me how to do it in the future, SUPER SIMPLE I assure you. 

I would also suggest that you integrate this with your Gmail account to make your life a little easier. 

If you look in your backened there will be some standard WorsPress dummy posts, pages and delete them all. that may be standard with WordPress and you are ready to go. 

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Final Thoughts

Its important to start your journey off right. There are three things that I wished I had focused on right at the beginning. Other than great content you should focus on understanding your key audience, how and the ways in which you are going to monetize your blog and getting the right traffic. In the coming weeks I will share what I have learned along the way. 

If you find my posts helpful I would appreciate love if you would share it as it helps this shell shocked mummy keep the lights on too!

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